• Our Company

    ECS promotes addressing many aspects of a house in order to make it comfortable, safe, and energy efficient.  Using spray foam insulation alone will not achieve these goals.  An overall detailed plan that addresses HVAC, Windows, Water Heaters, Renewable Energy and Insulation is the approach that ECS will promote. Comfort, Safety, Operating cost and overall Performance will suffer without such a detailed whole house approach. Proper installation and selection of the right products is crucial to performance. We will help you make the right decisions for the products for your project and make certain that we will install them as per manufactures specifications for our hot-humid climate and local building codes.

    The idea for Energy and Comfort Solutions came into existence in 2003, born out of a great need for a response to the mediocre and fraudulent work that characterizes the energy efficiency industry.

    Robby Lazaro manages the day to day activities of the company, while holding tightly to the philosophy that, at ECS, we treat energy efficient features like an integral system and not individual independent products.  In order to promote a high level of skill and knowledge for our unique hot-humid climate, we hire Paul LaGrange from LaGrange Consulting to train our sales team, installation crews, and staff.

  • Community Service

    At Energy and Comfort Solutions our goal has always been to help the industry to build and design better buildings in our hot - humid climate. To accomplish this end, ECS has used education and the media to champion this goal.

        * Consumer Seminars
        * Builder & Architect Seminars
        * Home Shows
        * WWL 870 AM Radio Show
        * American Society of Home Inspectors Seminars
        * HVAC Design at Louisiana House on Louisiana State University's Campus
        * Cleco Power and Mississippi Power

  • Our Pledge

    Our Pledge

    Energy and Comfort Solutions
    stands behind the quality of our work and its service to the customer. If a customer finds legitimate fault with our work or customer service, we will promptly correct the deficiency with no additional charges. We genuinely want to get the job done right while setting a standard of excellence.

  • Our Customers

    Our Customers

    Without builders and owner builders who are truly concerned about the quality behind the sheet rock, there would be no Energy and Comfort Solutions. Our customers are genuinely concerned about quality and that is why they invest in having ECS do their insulation work. Unlike some builders, our customers haven't stopped learning and caring.

  • Our Sales Team

    Our Sales Team

    At Energy and Comfort Solutions we have weekly training meetings with our sales team. The topics covered are building science principles, customer service, building code compliance and new technologies. We train our sales team so they can educate their customers. At ECS, we feel that anyone can sell foam, but it takes a holistic approach that makes a home comfortable, safe and energy efficient.

  • Our Installers

    Our Installers

    Proper installation is critical to high performance and satisfaction. Knowing how and where to install foam is only achieved with training. We pay our installers more, which permits us to demand more from our installers in terms of quality. You can't pay substandard wages and have quality work, yet this is exactly what most insulation companies do. Our philosophy also helps us with retention. Companies with high installer turnover rates are constantly sending installers out into the field who are short on both training and experience. We personally train each employee.

  • Training

    Our Commitment to Training & Education

    Paul LaGrange has taught building science principles for over seven years. We utilize his training materials and tools to instruct the company's salesmen, estimators, field superintendents and office staff.


    If you are seriously considering using Energy and Comfort Solutions but would like more information, we can provide you with a current list of builders, superintendents or individuals who have used ECS. You can also look at some of our customers' testimonials in the testimonial section of our web site.

  • Memberships

    Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance

    Energy & Comfort Solutions is a member of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance.


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